New business opportunities in nuclear

Global nuclear business is renewing and creating new opportunities for both new and existing companies through research and innovation

In fusion, efforts are moving from research to proving the concepts, which calls for increased participation from companies, not only hi-tech but also basic industry. This site focuses on opportunities in fusion and showcases the technology and science behind them.

New nuclear in general opens business opportunities to many modern technologies and players. At the same time, more traditional nuclear power plants are being decommissioned, and companies are looking for more efficient dismantling and demolition solutions connected with circular economy, as well as final repository solutions.

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This family of ecosystem projects is managed by the Finnish nuclear energy industrial association, FinNuclear. Read more on the FinNuclear website

  • ILO matches tenders to companies

  • ITER is the largest joint R&D project worldwide

  • F4E manages Europe’s contribution to ITER

  • DEMO – going beyond ITER

  • Big Science projects offer big opportunities